How to Check SBI Mini Statement via SMS, Missed Call, and App?

How to Check SBI Mini Statement via SMS, Missed Call, and App?

Do you have an account in State Bank of India, and you don’t even know about the SBI Mini statement services, that they are providing to their customer? Now it’s your time to Know about this service.

Quick Intro

State Bank of India is providing services of SBI Mini Statement to their account holders to enquire about the recent credit and debit transactions that were made in their accounts. With this service, the SBI can track the last 10  transactions from the saving account.

SBI Mini Statement Registration Process

If you want to get the State Bank Mini Statement service on your device then it is necessary to register your number first, as we all know the number is already registered at the time of opening the account.

But if your number is not registered at that time then it can be done later. Let’s know the registration process for the Mini Statement. A service provided by the State Bank of India.

First, you have to send an SMS to the State Bank of India Mini Statement Number  09223488888 in the format REGISTRATIONACCOUNT NUMBER  from the mobile number you want to register your number there.

Methods Check SBI Mini Statement

Whoever has a savings account in the State Bank of India can check their mini statement via the following methods:

  • Send a message to the SBI mini statement number.
  • Through dialing the State Bank of India missed call number for mini statement.
  • Through visiting a nearby ATM.
  • By YONO Application of the State Bank of India.
  • By online banking of State Bank of India.

There are various methods to check the SBI Mini statement, you can check your statement through SMS number, Missed call number, WhatsApp number, and more. You have the order to access the mini statement, then the customer needs to get their phone number registered with the bank.

1. Check Via SMS Number

Check SBI Mini Statement Via SMS Number

You can check through the SMS number by sending an SMS- MSTMT  to  SBI Mini statement number 09223866666 but you have to send it by your registered phone.  Number. And if you follow this then you will receive the SBI Mini statement through SMS that consists of the last five transactions.

2. Check Via Missed Call Number

Check SBI Mini Statement Via Missed Call Number

You can check through the missed call services which allows you to check your State Bank Mini statement. It means you just have to give a missed call to the SBI Mini statement toll-free number which is 09223866666 but you have to do it by your registered phone. 

3. Check Via WhatsApp Number

Check SBI Mini Statement Via WhatsApp Number

You can check your Mini statement through WhatsApp number, as they allow you to check through WhatsApp. You just need to send a “Hi” from your WhatsApp number to 09022690226  but you have to do it by your registered phone and you can also take the help of Chat-Bot instruction.

4. Check Via Mobile Applications (YONO)

Check SBI Mini Statement Via Mobile Applications (YONO APP)

If you want to download your Mini-statement from the YONO State Bank of India application then follow the steps given below:

  1. First, you have to open the YONO application on your device.  
  2. Then you have to log in with your user ID and password.
  3. After that, the homepage will open automatically after entering the user ID and password, now you have to click on “MY ACCOUNT”.
  4. And when you click on “my accounts” then you have to click on the View account details.
  5. Now, after clicking on the view account details, you just have to select “Get SBI Mini Statement” Now you can check your latest transaction details.

5. Check Via SBI Internet Banking

Check SBI Mini Statement Via SBI Internet Banking

If you want to download your SBI Mini Statement then you can download it through the State Bank of India internet banking. If you want to check follow the given below steps.

  1. First, you have to visit the official website of SBI Internet Banking.
  2. When you visit the official website of SBI Internet banking, then you have to choose the personal/ corporate banking option which will be visible on the home page of the official website.
  3. After choosing the option, now you have to log in and enter your User ID and password.
  4. Now you have logged in by entering your User ID and password, from the the account statement menu, then choose the mini statement option to get the all details of your last 5 transactions.

Advantage of SBI Mini Statement Service

Now we mention here some advantages of the SBI Mini Statement service to the account holder can have by using this service.

  • As mentioned above we can get a mini statement through SMS service and missed calls without the need for an internet connection.
  • The SBI Mini statement service can be accessed 24/7 hours from anywhere, anytime, and at any preferred time through online baking services and banks.
  • With this service we can get the Mini statement without visiting the bank physically, it’s means you are saving your time and effort.
  • The most important advantage of SBI mini statements is that they do not charge any cost, we can download mini statements free of cost.

Ending Words

Thus, we have already mentioned all the details regarding the Mini statement services which are provided by State Bank of India, as here have covered the all details such as what is this service, how to register, how to check the Mini statement, their method, and their advantages. We hope our blogs on SBI Mini statement are informative for you, and now you can check and download your Mini statement without any hassle and without taking the help of others.

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