How to Generate SBI ATM PIN through SMS, OTP & YONO

How to Generate SBI ATM

Have you just received your SBI Debit Card but don’t know how to generate a PIN for your card? Then let’s talk about some ways you can generate an SBI ATM PIN in more than one way. 


A PIN is as important as your phone number. This is why customers are always asked to create this 4-digit PIN for their Debit Cards. SBI has given all its customers the Green PIN facility so that they can easily generate or change their PIN. 

PIN which stands for Personal Identification Number keeps your account secure from any suspicious or unauthenticated transactions. It is needed for every transaction, and withdrawal process from your account. 

Whether you are a new account holder or already have one, you can easily change or generate your PIN anytime. This article will help you unlock various ways of generating SBI ATM PIN. Each method is easy and absolutely reliable. 

Methods to Generate SBI ATM PIN

There are many ways you can generate an SBI ATM PIN hassle-free. You will receive the Green PIN first which is an instant PIN generation for Debit Cards.

 If you ever encounter this word, always remember that it is an OTP that will help you set the debit card PIN. Here is a detailed guide regarding ways to generate your four-digit PIN for SBI:


Generate ATM PIN through SMS

If you want you can easily send an SMS to 567676 from your phone number. However, you have to send it in the following format:

SMS- ‘’PIN last four numbers of SBI ATM card last four numbers of SBI account number’’ to 567676. 

To explain it better let me give you an example:

  • SMS- suppose your PIN is 2456, the last four digits of your SBI ATM card are 4445 and the last four numbers of your SBI account number are 1234. The format will be:
  • SMS- 2456 4445 1234 and click send.
  • You will receive an OTP valid for only two days from the day you receive it. 
  • Now all you have to do is visit any SBI ATM within two days and generate your Green PIN. 

These were the few easy steps for SBI PIN generation through SMS.


Generate ATM PIN through ATM

If you feel SMS is not a safer option then you can directly visit any SBI ATM nearby and generate your Debit card PIN. Follow these steps to learn how to generate SBI ATM PIN through ATM:

  • First, insert your Debit Card in the ATM.
  • Click on the PIN Generation option.
  • You will be asked to enter your account number. Enter it and click on Confirm.
  • The screen will ask for your mobile number. Enter it.
  • After completing the steps a message will appear on your screen regarding your Green PIN.
  • You will receive it on your registered mobile number.
  • Press Confirm to ensure that your PIN will be generated. 

The process is still incomplete. After this, you will receive an OTP which is your Green PIN. Follow these other steps to generate your PIN:

  • Re-enter your card in the ATM.
  • Now select Banking.
  • Enter the OTP/ Green PIN you received.
  • Select the option of PIN Change and click on Select Transaction.
  • Now enter any four-digit number to re-confirm your PIN.
  • If it is a success, you will receive a positive message. 

This new PIN is your actual SBI ATM PIN and will be used to make all the transactions in the future. Remember, you should never forget your PIN. 


Generate ATM PIN through Yono App

YONO app is an Internet banking app by SBI that offers you safe and convenient transactions. Whether it is paying bills, banking, shopping, or booking tickets, it can be used for all. 

You can also generate your PIN through the YONO app as soon as your SBI Debit card gets activated. Here are the steps to learn how to generate SBI ATM PIN through the YONO app:

  • Open the YONO app and log in. 
  • Click on the Menu icon on the top-left side of the dashboard.
  • Select the option of Service Request and click on the ATM/Debit Card option.
  • Enter your online banking mobile password and continue.
  • You will receive an Activate Card option.
  • Select your account and enter your ATM card number.
  • After receiving the OTP click on Submit. This will activate your card.

Follow these further steps to generate your card PIN:

  •  Open the app again once your card is activated.
  • Click on the Menu option on the left side.
  • Select the Card option.
  • Now you can generate your ATM Card PIN of your choice. 

These were the steps for generating SBI ATM PIN through the YONO app. 


Generate ATM PIN through Netbanking

Being an SBI customer, you can also generate your PIN through SBI Net Banking. Before proceeding with the steps, the customer needs to update his/her mobile number to receive the OTP. 

Visiting the ATM is not always necessary to generate a PIN, you can learn how to generate  SBI ATM PIN without an ATM too. This can be easily done by following a few steps:

  • Log in to the SBI net banking portal and select the Cards option.
  • Next, you have to click on the Debit Cards option.
  • Click on the Instant PIN Generation option under the Request tab.
  • Enter your SBI Debit card number and create a PIN of your choice. 
  • An OTP will be sent to you on your phone number for confirmation and verification.
  • The user gets a notification after their SBI PIN is successfully generated. 
  • These were some easy ways through which you can generate your ATM PIN hassle-free. 

Final Thoughts

Generating an SBI ATM PIN is an easy task. However, if you face any difficulty in the process you can visit your nearest SBI branch or contact customer care support. Always be vigilant and never share your newly generated PIN with anyone, not even with the bank. I hope these easy methods regarding your SBI PIN generation process were useful and informative. 

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