INDmoney vs Vested for US Stocks – Charges, Features & Review

INDmoney vs Vested

INDmoney and Vested are both investment platforms that are majorly preferred by the Indian masses to invest in US stocks. Both apps are used for investment in foreign equity but choosing the application which is right for you depends solely on your portfolio and investment requirements.

So therefore today we are going to discuss a detailed comparison of INDmoney vs Vested based on my own experience to help you make the right choice for your next investment decision.

Quick Intro: INDmoney vs Vested

To know more about INDmoney vs Vested, let’s have a look at the brief description of both to have a general idea:


In comparison to Vested, INDmoney provides the user with a broader range of asset classes which includes mutual funds, stocks, and fixed deposits. The platform offers services like investment management, tax optimization, and expense management. It is safe to say that INDmoney is specifically designed for the Indian market to provide them with a more straightforward approach to investing. 

The app is SEBI-registered and caters to a wider set of audience. Like Vested, INDmoney also provides fractional investing. Every individual whether they are beginners or experienced can start their investing journey all while being provided with expert guidance.


Vested primarily provides commission-free trading, fractional shares, and an easy-to-use interface. We used a word called “Fractional Investing” here. If you are new to investing, let me explain this with an example. Suppose, you want to invest in a company whose stock price is Rs 100000. But instead of buying the whole share, now you can purchase a 10% fraction for Rs 1000, making it convenient especially for beginners.

One of the most asked questions by the users is “Is Vested Sebi registered?” According to our research, we found out that it is not Sebi-registered, but Vested is registered with SEC (US) making the platform secure and reliable.

Comparing Account Opening Procedure

Before starting your journey of investing, it is important to know how to open an account on each of these platforms. Based on the description below you can easily select the app which suits you best. Both platforms have laid out different guidelines to make the user’s investment experience safe and secure. 

The onboarding process on INDmoney was not easy. At first, it was quite difficult to determine the actual process. After signing up and completing the KYC verification, you need to complete one additional step of documentation with your digital signature.

However, while signing up for the Vested, I found the process to be quite streamlined and user-friendly. You need to just sign up and complete the KYC process and start investing.

Features Comparison

You can watch this video to get an in-depth idea of how to invest in US stocks as a complete beginner. 

Here is a table summarizing the quick comparison of the features of Vested and INDmoney.

Feature INDMoney Vested
Fractional Shares Yes, INDmoney offers its investors to buy fractional shares. Yes, you can buy parts or fractions of a share instead of buying the whole share.
Account opening charges No charges for account opening A minimal amount of fee is charged based on the kind of plan. The basic plan is for Rs. 250 and Premium for Rs. 375.
Minimum Investment No minimum investment $1
Platform Accessibility Web and Mobile App Web and Mobile App
Investment Advisory Yes No
Brokerage 0.15% of the trade amount is charged. 0.20% of the trade amount, with a maximum of 20 dollars.
Data Security More data is collected for a wider range of features Limited data handling
Withdrawal Fee A minimum amount of $5 is charged on withdrawals of amounts below &2000. No charges above withdrawal of $2000. A fixed fee of $5 per transaction.
Investment Security Depends on the ICICI securities. US SIPC insurance up to $500k.
AMC Zero Zero
Customer Support Email, Chat, and a helpline for customer assistance Email and in-app chat support.
Platform Focus A more detailed financial management platform Investment-only platform
Additional Tools Budgeting, tracking, family, and finance tools Basic order without any comprehensive features.

Pros and Cons of Vested and INDmoney

Now that we have discussed the detailed comparison of the features of INDmoney vs Vested, Let us know about their pros and cons as well. 

INDmoney Vested
  • The INDmoney app is very versatile including all the investment-related features in a single app.
  • You can even apply for different kinds of loans with the app.
  • INDmoney allows the users to open a zero-balance account.
  • No transfer fee is required to invest in US stocks.
  • INDmoney charges a lower withdrawal fee as compared to its competitors.
  • The platform offers a competitive rate of interest on fixed deposits.
  • INDmoney is SEBI-registered, making it a safe and trustworthy platform to invest.
  • The interface of the app is very user-friendly with an easy onboarding process.
  • Vested charges zero commission on investment of US stocks.
  • Vested offers fractional investing, allowing the users to buy US stocks in a fraction.
  • Vested is SEC-registered and is backed by insurance making it trustworthy among the users.
  • The app has a pre-built portfolio for the users to earn higher interest rates.
  • You can sell and withdraw funds anytime.
  • No minimum balance of a mere $1 is required to start investing.
  • The INDmoney app does not have a live chat support option for its users making it a little inconvenient.
  • You need to purchase the premium plans to access some of the basic features.
  • Reports suggest that some users faced a delay in resolving their queries by customer support.
  • Vested charges $5 as a withdrawal fee per transaction.
  • The platform allows no access to bonds and derivatives.
  • Vested does not have the feature of investment advisory for its users.
  • The cost of availing premium plans can be expensive for some users.

Pricing and Charges

Here is a quick detailed summary of all the fees charged by these platforms. You can have a look and choose the one which suits you the best:

Charges INDmoney Vested 
Account Opening Zero Rs. 250 to 375, depending on the plan (one-time fee)
Annual Maintenance fee Zero Zero
Forex markup charge 0.0001% approx 1.2% approx
US account fund deposit fee Zero Zero
Brokerage $5 for transactions below $2000.

Zero for above $2000.

$5 per transaction for the basic plan.

Free for premium account holders.

ETF commission Zero Zero 
Plans Basic- free

Gold- ₹999/ year

Platnum- ₹2999/ year

Diamond- ₹4999/ year

Basic - free

Essential- $3/ month

Plus- $5/ month

Premium- $10/ month

User Reviews

Both INDmoney and Vested are new in the market for investing. Reports suggest that few of the users faced problems of delay in the interface at INDmoney. Some of them even felt the transaction charges to be way over the usual amounts. Overall, INDmoney is reported to be a safe and trustworthy platform that is SEBI-registered with various security features in place to protect user's data and money.

In comparison to INDmoney, the reviews of Vested are better. According to users, the app is easy to use with efficient customer support. Being SEC (US) registered, the users can invest in US stocks easily. The registration and onboarding process is comparatively easy making the investing experience completely legal and hassle-free.

Customer Support

Both platforms offer customer support through various channels, including emails, phone, and in-app chat services. You can easily reach out to them on any of their support channels and get your queries resolved quickly.


As of now, INDmoney does not have a dedicated toll-free number to address grievances. However, they do have a direct line of customer care numbers to discuss your queries:

Designation Contact Person Contact Number Email ID
Client Servicing Mamta Polai 07314852049 [email protected]
Head of Client Servicing Deepak Gupta 07314852021 [email protected]
Compliance Officer’ Ameya Mahendra Bhelekar 07314852022 [email protected]
Managing Director and Principal Officer Nikhil Anil Behl 07948224850 [email protected]

If your queries still go unanswered, then for more support you can write a letter and send your concerns to their dedicated office in India:

Address: Compliance Officer, INDmoney Pvt. Ltd. 616, 6th Floor Suncity Success Tower, Sector 65 Gurugram- 122005


Vested offers only two customer support options which are email and contact number.

Email Support [email protected]
Phone +91 95 1337 5607(Mon – Fri from 10 am to 7 pm IST)

Final Thoughts

INDmoney and Vested are popular investment apps catering to different audiences all while offering unique features. INDmoney offers a comprehensive and much more detailed platform offering various financial products and services to Indian investors. On the other hand, Vested is a platform that specializes in US stock trading.  

The choice between the two completely depends on individual preferences and your own investment goals. We tried our best to provide a detailed comparison of INDmoney Vs Vested in this article. You must evaluate every aspect, from the platform’s security measures to its customer support, and then make an informed decision that aligns with your needs.

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